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What's The Fuss About Google Plus?

There are so many new ways to get information about businesses and branding out onto the internet, and new social media sites being introduced all the time.  It seems every time you look at a blog post, video or online article, there's a new symbol that has appeared to let you share the content with […]

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Google Authorship and Your Raleigh Durham Business

If you have not set up your google authorship, you could be missing out on better search rankings. Local Raleigh Durham Businesses can easily leapfrog their competition with some basic tweaks to their online activities. A study released this week by found that postings from Google Plus personal accounts have seen a 10% increase […]

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How Social Media Effects SEO

SEO is about optimizing content to appear higher in search rankings. It could be on your website or on your blog, and in social media. Social media values are becoming more influential as companies try to earn better search results. Search engines now use social values, or retweets, Facebook likes and shares, and Google+1s, to […]

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Instagram

"While I don't think this is the 1st place to dive into social media marketing, if you have all your main bases covered, you might want to give this a go!"  – Jon Bennett  Are you using Instagram to promote your business or brand? Hundreds of millions of active Instagram users every month are posting […]

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Social Media and Your Local SEO Strategy

Where Are You Investing Your Marketing Budget?Blindly throwing cash at outdated techniques is a road to slow, sure death. To succeed today, your approach must change. You must evolve to survive. According to Google, 97% of customers search for local businesses and offers online. If they can’t find you, they’ll go to your competition. Optimizing […]

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14 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website Today

Many of the clients we speak to have spent huge amounts of money on their websites but are unhappy with the results. The majority don't do anything about it as they think it is going to incur more huge expenses and make the assumption that  having a better website actually means having to start creating […]

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